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Command ALL the social media attention

The Lumie Glo is the end to your bad images. Command your friends and followers attention by always having that selfie ring light in the palm of your hands

Transform your selfie experience

Never again have a bad photo! Our illuminated case can light the image to perfection creating a selfie like never before 

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  • Controlled continuous Lighting

    Use for weeks with the collossal battery! Separate from your phone so It doesnt drain your battery!

  • Bumper Walls Drop Protection

    Sides made of bumper rubber guarenteed  to protect against dropping 

  • Both Side Lighting

    Lights on your phone on BOTH SIDES. Take selfies and traditional pictures 

Super Bright 4000 lumen lighting

Super bright white and amber lighting. Clear, pristine images!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

60 day return and satisfaction guarantee policy! If you dont love it return for FULL REFUND!  We do not play games and we back our case to the fullest! We will not rest until you are smiling! :) 

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